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The New Ring

The new ring comprises 12 bells, tenor 14cwt 2qrs 17lbs in F sharp. The bells are hung in cast iron frames on galvanised steel beams carried by a reinforced concrete ring beam. The bells are hung all on one level approximately two feet lower than the 1895 ring. The bells, bellframes and associated steelwork, together with all fittings were made by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, under the firection of Mr. Alan Hughes, the grandson of Mr. A.A. Highes, who had cast the original bells. The bell foundry was also responsible for supervising the hanging and commissioning of the bells.

The bells may be rung in a number of different combination to suit both the occasion and the number and competence of the ringers present. In addition to the rings of ten and twelve, ther is also a 'back eight' in F sharp, and a back six and five in the same key, very similar in pitch and weight to the old peal. The front six bells of the ring of ten provide a middle six and five, tenor 5cwt 3qrs 3lbs in C sharp, and the front five bells of the twelve give a light five, tenor 4cwt 1qr 5lbs in F sharp. There are three major fours.

The back eight are intended as a modern equivalent to the 1895 peal, but with the advantages of 'Simpson' tuning, and improved handling characteristics. These bells have reproduced on them the original inscriptions of the old ring, being the words of the Glria on bells 5 to 11, and the 1895 dedication to Dean Murray on the tenor, with additional wording according to the 1987 recasting.

Two of the bells are in memory of former ringers in the Church: the treble in twelve was donated by the Letters family, in memory of John Letters, a ringer for many years at St. Patrick's, and the fourth in twelve was donated by Mrs Florrie Spence and her daughter Elizabeth Brown in memory of Joss Spence, who rang in the first quarter peal by the local band in 1981.

The second of the twelve was donated by the Bellringers of Northern Ireland, and the third in twelve was donated by the Ballymena Honorary Society of Bellringers. The fifth was given by the St. Patrick's Church Lads' Brigade to commemorate their 90th anniversary and the sixth by the Hudson family in thanksgiving for the lives of D.P. Hudson and F.D. and E.I. Dillamore. The eighth was donated by Mr. Albert McLean, and the ninth by the McKervill family in memory of Robert McKervill.